Demand Planning

Seeking demand planning solutions that can handle omni-channel, multi-region, large product portfolio complexity?

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Your supply chain does not have to live with low forecast accuracy. Move to o9’s AI solution for demand planning and upgrade to a digital platform featuring collaborative analytics, planning and continuous learning

Use cases / capabilities favored by our clients

Omni-Channel, Multi-Region, Large Product Portfolio planning made simpler
R based predictive analytics for system recommended forecasts – 80/20 rule
Multiple Types of Driver based forecasting
Sell-out based forecasting for retail and distributor channels
Incorporating Opportunity Pipeline in CRM system into Demand forecasts
Consensus Forecasting made Simple
Cycle over Cycle Forecast Change Assumptions Tracking & Collaboration
Forecast Accuracy & Bias Post Game Analysis - Reducing human biases and increasing accountability
Range based forecasts – Managing Risks
Integrating Sales, Supply Chain and Finance Forecasts
Increasing Sales adoption of Demand Planning Easier
Demand Change What-If Analysis
New Product Introduction Planning
Visibility to Marketing & Promotion Initiatives
Demand Shaping based on supply constraints
S&OP meeting support made simpler

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