Integrated Supply Management

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    Imagine your supply chain being loved by your CFO and Sales Organization. Our supply management solutions are powering digital supply chain strategies that make complex supply chains dramatically more responsive, cost effective and reliable in meeting market needs

Are your Supply Management Systems Ready for the Digital Age?

Not if supply chain decisions are driven by batch D/S match engines, hundreds of spreadsheets

Integrated Supply Management Solutions / Use Cases

The top supply management processes clients are transforming with o9’s augmented intelligence platform


Real Time Supply Chain Planning

Move from Slow, Silo-ed Processes to Real Time, Optimal Matching of Demand and Supply

Top Reasons Organizations are Upgrading their Supply Chain Planning capabilities

Ability to answer real demand and supply change what-ifs
Increase productivity, automation and speed in the supply chain planning process
Move from unit centric to financially smart supply chain planning


Supply Chain Analytics

Analytics Driven Control Tower to Align Supply Chain Policies to Business Strategies and Market Needs

Top Reasons Organizations are Upgrading their Supply Chain Analytics Capabilities

Using advanced analytics for aligning supply chain network policies for optimal service level, cost and inventory tradeoffs
Moving from one-off analytic exercises to continuous analytics to unlock value in supply chain network
Transforming silo-ed supply chain performance KPIs to align to business goals


Order Fulfillment

Intelligent, Real Time Matching of Customer Orders to Supply in an Omni-Channel World

Top Reasons Organizations are Upgrading their Order Fulfillment Capabilities

Driving real time, lowest cost order fulfillment decision
Respecting allocations and reservations in order fulfillment decisions
Integrating in real time to order management and front end order taking systems


Digital Expert Systems – Procurement, Production, Suppliers

Intelligent Operations Systems of Engagement

Top Reasons Organizations are Upgrading their Operations Systems Capabilities

Empowering procurement teams with digital platforms for insights related to procurement decisions
Empowering factories & contract manufacturers with intelligent real time collaboration portals
Empowering suppliers/vendors with digital collaboration portals to create win-win collaboration

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