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    Integrated Planning and Operations Management

    It is the age of voice assistants & self-driving cars. Time your enterprise systems caught up.

10x Agility at Scale – That is the new game.

10x Agility at Scale – That is the new game.

In the digital age, being a large or growing organization is no excuse to be slow and silo-ed.
Innovation minded executives are partnering with o9 to create intelligent systems that connect their planning processes and operations in real time, driving 10x faster, smarter, integrated decision making and execution to achieve business goals.

What capabilities are organizations transforming with o9’s AI platform?

AI Powered Systems of Engagement – Demand Management, Supply Management, Integrated Business Planning

Every planning process and operations role, whether it is focused on driving demand, aligning the supply chain to demand, or managing the P&L can be made faster and smarter with AI. o9’s platform is engineered to configure simple, powerful systems that fit seamlessly into your IT landscape, and enhance visibility, analytic insights, and collaborative planning, decision making and execution capabilities.


Enterprise Knowledge Graph – System of Record for Planning Language, Data & Knowledge

Most planning data in enterprises lives in spreadsheets and silo-ed systems. Knowledge is often tribal, and constantly dissipated. Different processes are using different planning terminologies. o9’s AI platform builds an “Enterprise Knowledge Graph” model for every organization – a flexible, extensible, in-memory system of record that represents the end to end business model, creates a common “planning” language to be used by all processes, stores all planning data, and uses rules and algorithms to turn data into institutional knowledge.

Smart Data – Helping spot risks and opportunities much earlier

o9’s platform makes it easy to bring relevant structured and unstructured data, from traditional sources & smart sensors, from within and beyond the enterprise into the EKG, helping create the ultimate early warning capabilities for any process.



Integrated Demand Management

Sensing · Analytics · Planning · Forecasting · Shaping

Our demand management solutions are not just helping organizations forecast demand better. They are helping sense, analyze, plan and shape it to optimize sales & margin performance



Integrated Business Planning

Insights · Planning · Accountability

Our IBP solutions are helping organizations move from executive dash-boarding to a collaborative, analytic insights driven platform for alignment of cross-functional plans, initiatives and resources to changing market needs



Integrated Supply Management

Visibility · Analytics · Planning · Automation

Imagine your supply chain being loved by your CFO and Sales Organization. Our supply management solutions are powering digital supply chain strategies that make complex supply chains dramatically more responsive, cost effective and reliable in meeting market needs


What differentiates o9?

Some of the things that our clients value

Incremental, Iterative, Fast Approach to Digital Transformation – Makes Change Easier
“We don’t have patience for long implementations with high risks.”
o9’s cloud platform and delivery model enables a rapid, iterative, incremental approach to delivering capabilities that lead to fast results – It was easier to build organizational support for change.
All Decision Making on the System – Reduce Offline Spreadsheets, Email and PowerPoint Processes
“We have purchased several planning and BI reporting tools, yet most processes were still being done offline on spreadsheets, PowerPoint and email.”
o9’s solutions seamlessly integrates with existing tools to support all aspects of the decision making processes on the system – and that drives greater speed, accountability and learning over time.
Amazing User Adoption – Connected Excel, Email, Natural Language Search, Collaboration Support
“Historically, adoption of systems has been a huge challenge as our people resist learning complex, unwieldy interfaces.”
o9’s solutions addresses this problem head on by adapting to how users do their work. The solution connects directly to Excel and email, responds to natural language queries, and makes navigation intuitive. This has driven up user adoption across managers, planners and even front line sales, and operations teams.
Truly AI – Solutions that Predict, Prescribe and Learn
“Most general planning tools we have used in the past are number crunchers and plan repositories. The intelligence is all in the planners head.”
o9 leverages analytics and algorithms to predict the future, prescribes appropriate actions from a set of choices and learns from the past to update its predictive and prescriptive models. This improves user productivity and makes decision making more fact based instead of gut based.
Performance at Big Data Scale – No more Spinning
“Most planning applications we have used in the past had performance issues faced with big data volumes.”
In the digital world, that is a non starter as decision making requires big data analysis to be seamlessly connected to aggregate plans. o9’s platform has been developed ground up for this reality.
Augment vs. Rip and Replace – Get Maximum ROI for your Assets
“Some of the planning and BI systems we have implemented are serving us well in some areas.”
o9’s solutions act as an overlay system leveraging existing data assets and augmenting capabilities that are not supported well by those systems. We found it to be a more practical approach getting most bang for the buck with the augment approach.

Industries we serve

o9 is a flexible, configurable AI platform with building blocks to rapidly configure AI powered enterprise grade applications for Demand Management, Supply Management and IBP processes in any industry. For problems that are common, we are setting the bar by defining industry standard AI powered solutions that can be rapidly configured to your business needs. And, in others where the problems are more specific to the industry or company, we use the same platform to deliver custom solutions. Either way, you get great AI powered solutions that solve your business challenges.

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