Revenue & Margin Planning

Managing revenue and margin plans across regions, channels and product lines on spreadsheets and power point? Struggle to reconcile top down targets with bottom up forecasts? Find it difficult to understand margin impact of mix changes? Don’t have good visibility to the assumptions and initiatives driving bottom up forecasts? mpower is a digital age platform for channel, regional sales management, sales operations, finance and product marketing  to collaborate, plan and align on plans, forecasts, initiatives and resources to optimize revenue and margin performance

  •   Channel, Region, Product Plans
  •   Multiple Sales Models – Retail, B2B Direct..
  •   Revenue, Unit, Margin Planning
  •   Market Insights – Risks & Opportunities
  •   Baseline + Growth Driver Based Forecasting
  •   Top Down – Bottom Up Consensus
  •   Smart Budget Allocation
  •   Key Initiative Planning
  •   Performance Post Games
  •   CRM, ERP Integration


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