Integrated Business Planning

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    Our IBP solutions are helping organizations move from executive dash-boarding to a collaborative, analytic insights driven platform for alignment of cross-functional plans, initiatives and resources to changing market needs

Are your Integrated Business Planning Systems Ready for the Digital Age?

Not if integrated planning decisions are driven by hundreds of PowerPoints and spreadsheets

Integrated Business Planning Solutions / Use Cases

The top IBP processes clients are transforming with o9’s augmented intelligence platform


Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP)

Move from Monthly S&OP using Spreadsheets and PowerPoints to a Daily / Weekly Real Time Collaborative Process

Top Reasons Organizations are upgrading their S&OP Capabilities

Enhance effectiveness of S&OP by moving from spreadsheet/powerpoint to a digital collaborative platform
Move from status and gap reporting to an insight rich S&OP process
Move from just supply chain centric S&OP to a business unit P&L centric S&OP


Annual Operating Plan (AOP)

Align Performance with Business Goals and Move to a Digital Collaborative Platform

Top Reasons Organizations are upgrading their AOP Capabilities

Align S&OP and AOP process onto one platform to help create a more responsive organization
Reduce time and cost of creating the AOP by moving to a digital collaborative platform
Transform functional measurements and performance management to be in line with business goals


Long Range Planning (LRP)

Move from Slow, Silo-ed Processes to Faster, Smarter Digital Processes

Top Reasons Organizations are upgrading their LRP Capabilities

Simplify process, time and effort of creating Long Range Plan by moving it into a digital planning system
Improve cross-functional communication of LRP and strategies by moving to a digital platform vs. PowerPoints

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