Enterprises today are one of the largest consumers of the earth’s precious resources.

As an organization, if your planning process is poor, then generally your forecasts are poor. What happens is that your resources are misallocated. Your organizations within the company are misaligned. It ends up that you use much more resources then you need to meet the market needs; to meet your goals. It’s a big waste and this can be changed.


“Helping you build smarter businesses and a smarter planet is our passion.”
– Sanjiv Sidhu, Chairman and Co-founder, o9 Solutions Inc.


Sometimes when I think of corporations, particularly the inefficient ones, they look like big gas guzzling cars that are using much more gas than they need to to get you where you need to go. I think this can be changed and integrated planning is really key to it. With integrated planning, you can know what’s happening in the market. React to what changes are taking place. You can allocate your resources. Reallocate your resources. You can synchronize the different parts of your organizations and thus meet your market goals. Meet your financial goals and use less resources. This is smart for your business and smart for the planet. Helping you do that is our biggest passion.

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