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Nick Griffith serves as a great representation of the power of career fairs. After receiving his master’s degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Texas at Austin, his interest in the technology industry led him to spark a conversation with o9 Solutions at a career fair in 2017. “I learned about what o9 did in terms of supply chain optimization, and saw tremendous opportunity in this field,” Nick said. “It’s been a growing passion of mine ever since.”


Today, Nick works as a Solution Architect in the Consulting Services department at o9. I asked Nick to discuss his experiences working with o9 as he marked his two-year anniversary with the company.


The o9 Culture
“I like the fast-paced culture we have at o9 and the ability to make decisions. Even as a young analyst, there’s a lot of freedom in decision-making capabilities. It didn’t matter that I came in with a petroleum engineering degree, I was given great opportunities regardless of my background, many of which were challenges I grabbed with both hands. The best advice I’ve been given at o9 is to feel free to reach out to the numerous people with extensive supply chain expertise around you. The culture at o9 is not hierarchical. We can all contact our executives directly and get an answer that we need. That’s when I’ve experienced some of my biggest learning opportunities—through direct conversation with senior-level people at o9, all the way up to our CEO and COO.”


Delivering Value to Customers
“My favorite thing about working with our customers is seeing how excited they get about things we’ve built that are a testament to the o9 platform’s flexibility. It’s fulfilling to enable customers to become more strategic in their jobs by automating tasks that would otherwise have them wrangling data. I really enjoy the design sessions early on in a project, doing heads-down work, and really understanding what our customers’ problems are. That’s the best part of my day.


Why o9 Is a Great Place to Build a Career
“You can grow into roles much faster than you would at any other company right now. We have so many new customers and so many fresh, open opportunities. I joined as an analyst, and after a year, I moved into a senior analyst role. I then moved into a solution architect role. I don’t think there’s any place else where I could have gone from an analyst to a solution architect in two years. I shifted from having no direct reports, to having three direct reports. I was able to quickly move from solutioning and design work, to leading customer conversations and doing requirements gathering. From a professional development standpoint, o9 is the place to be if you want to work in implementation consulting.”


Interested in joining Nick on our U.S. Services team?
We’re always looking for great talent to join the o9 Solutions team. Visit our careers page to explore our open positions and apply for your dream job.

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