Imagine every aspect of decision making on one platform

6 digital powers integrated seamlessly through our solutions to make the complex simple

Risk & Opportunity Visibility<br>

Risk & Opportunity Visibility

See farther and deeper, spot risks & opportunities much earlier

Boundaryless Collaboration<br>

Boundaryless Collaboration

Bring the right people and facts together in real time to solve problems

Predictive & Prescriptive Insight<br>

Predictive & Prescriptive Insight

Smart algorithms and analytics that forecast the future and suggest the smart plays

Real-time Scenario Planning<br>

Real-time Scenario Planning

Understand resource constraints, financial trade offs of different decision choices

Closed Loop Execution<br>

Closed Loop Execution

Drive real time alignment around decisions, monitor execution vs. plan

Continuous Learning<br>

Continuous Learning

Measure performance intelligently, drive accountability and continuous improvement

All core business planning processes on one platform

Remove latencies, siloes, increase decision speed, and integration

Market Intelligence

Market Size




Integrated Business Planning

Strategic Planning

Financial Planning & Budgeting

Sales & Operations Planning

Functional Planning

Revenue Management

Revenue Management

Initiative Management

Initiative Management

Product Portfolio Management

Integrated Demand Planning

Chain Planning

Supply Chain Planning

Supplier Collaboration

Customer Collaboration

Performance Management



Post Game


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System designed for all enterprise users

Adapts to the way enterprise users work, driving higher adoption

Connected Excel

Integrated Email

Natural Language Search

Mobile Experience

Rich Visualization

Real-time Collaboration

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Connected Excel

Integrated Email

Natural Language Search

Mobile Experience

Rich Visualization

Real-time Collaboration

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Blazing Performance

No more spinning when you ask a question or make an edit. mPower delivers blazing performance for analytics, reporting and planning


Big data volumes, sub-second responses, rapid interactive planning

In-memory Columnar Database<br>

In-memory Columnar Database

Fine-tuned for analytics & planning
High-speed query performance
Scalable data compression

B-tree Storage for Efficient Updates

B-tree Storage for Efficient Updates

Incremental delta tree for edits
Automatic merge with columnar base
Lighter memory footprint

Smart Hierarchical Partitioning<br>

Smart Hierarchical Partitioning

Separate read vs. write partitions
Key based sub-partitions
Effective caching for hot queries

Unstructured Data Framework<br>

Unstructured Data Framework

Intelligent tagging and indexing
MongoDB integration
Integrated structured models

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Advanced Analytics, Intelligent Algorithms

Integrated capabilities that make the complex simple

Smart Alerts

Intelligent data mining
Find risks & opportunities
Notify stakeholders

Scenario Planning

Easy to construct
Private and public
Constraint analysis
Financial tradeoffs

3P Analytics & Algorithms

Post game — what happened?
Predictive — what is likely to happen?
Prescriptive — what actions to take?

Statistical Forecasting

Sophisticated library
Embedded R plug-in
Pick-best models

Process Calendar

Process cadence
Adherence reporting

Contextual Collaboration

Ideas, Proposals, Assumptions
Story behind the numbers

Demand-Supply Match Solvers

Fast solvers
Optimal demand-supply match
Interactive problem solving
Product & Services supply chains

Natural Language Based Reports

Live meetings on the system
Automated report generation
Management reports & dashboards

Task Management

Capture and track action items
Timely execution
Execution measurement

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Rapid Integration Services

Rapid integration connectors for most standard cloud and on-premise source systems

Connectivity Services

Secure Rest APIs
Real time oData Adapters
ETL Services
Direct in-memory loaders

External Connectors

SAP Connector
Oracle Connector
Excel Connector

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Enhanced Security Framework

Highest level of security and encryption services to safeguard data whether deploying on a private or public cloud

Granular access control restrictions based on role

Logging and traceability at transaction level for auditing

Secure single sign-on and authentication services

Multi-level encryption options based on enterprise needs

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Solution portfolio

Leverage our best practice solutions to get a quick start or use the platform to build a tailored digital solution for your unique problems

Sales & Marketing

Sales & Marketing

Increase sales, maximize margin and improve forecast accuracy by elevating your go-to-market decision making with our Intelligent Revenue Management Platform  

Supply Chain

Supply Chain

Achieve a whole new level of customer service while minimizing costs and inventory with our Intelligent S&OP, Demand and Supply Management Platform  

Product Management, R&D

Product Management, R&D

Cut your innovation cycle times by half and double your new product hit rates with our Intelligent Product Portfolio Management Platform  

Business Unit,  Finance

Business Unit, Finance

Drive awesome agility, alignment & accountability across your organization with our Integrated Business Planning Platform  



Faster, smarter, integrated ,Merchandising, Supply Chain and Store Operations decisions in a consumer centric, omni-channel world with our Intelligent Retail Planning Platform

Build Your Own

Build Your Own

Have a unique, complex problem? Quickly build a tailored digital age solution with our mPower Intelligent Decision Management Platform

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