• Intelligent Decision Management Platform

    Moving decision making processes from spreadsheets and powerpoint to digital age solutions

    Why is it important?
  • Intelligent Decision Management Platform

    Imagine every aspect of decision making supported seamlessly on one platform

    Visibility, Collaboration, Analytics, Planning, Execution, Learning

  • Intelligent Decision Management Platform

    Imagine software that engages everyone across the organization in collaborative decision making

    Imagine software that engages everyone across the organization in collaborative decision making
  • Intelligent Decision Management Platform

    Imagine software that learns and adapts in real time to changes in your business

Risk & Opportunity Visibility

See Farther, Deeper, Spot Risks & Opportunities Much Earlier

Much before performance surprises are detected there is information –  hidden in large amounts of market data or some one’s email that could have alerted the organization about the potential problem.

mPower captures and process unstructured and structured data from outside and inside the organization, uses natural language processing and business rules to detect and raise smart alerts anywhere in the extended value chain and propagates them in real time to stakeholders across the organization so that problem solving and collaboration can begin, much before it is an actual problem.
  • Unstructured & structured data
  • Natural language processing
  • Smart alerts

Boundaryless Collaboration

Bring the Right People and Facts Together in Real Time to Solve Problems

Even after a problem is known, organizations struggle to get the right cross-functional teams and facts together. Problem solving gets bogged down in endless meetings and debates.

mPower, with its smart model of roles and business domain responsibilities, brings the right people together along with all the context of associated plans, forecasts, resources, initiatives and tradeoffs related to the problem scope so that collaborative problem solving can happen in the real time.
  • Smart propagation of risk & opportunity alerts
  • Contextual data
  • Collaboration threads
  • Task management

Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Use data analytics and smart algorithms to provide accurate forecasts and smart plays to make

Even though companies are drowning in data, fact based insight is often in short supply. mPower is an open platform that helps us develop and leverage the best advanced analytics and algorithms in the open source world to gain critical insights into what happened (Post Game Analytics), what is likely to happen (Predictive), and what actions to take (Prescriptive Analytics)

  • Embedded R for Statistical Forecasting, Unstructured Data Analytics
  • Smart business rules to capture the mind of experts and find insights by mining the data
  • Learning system to recommend the right plays based on what worked and did not work

Integrated Planning

Align Forecasts, Initiatives, Resources, Operational Plans, Financial Goals

Integrated Forecasts, Transparent Assumptions

Most organizations find their finance, sales, and supply chain forecasts are always out of synch, leading to poorly integrated decisions.

mPower’s flexible modeling helps develop the different forecasts at appropriate levels of detail based on the purpose they serve, but ensures the numbers are all reconciled at common levels. And, at all times the assumptions behind each forecast is visible, so that there is greater transparency and accountability.

Smart Initiatives

It takes too long in organizations to convert good ideas to funded initiatives. Furthermore, very few organizations have ability to learn from past initiatives to drive future decision making.

mPower’s initiative management capabilities help organizations reduce the cycle time of transforming ideas to funded initiatives, by empowering people to create proposals online, an management to evaluate and approve proposals, and once executed, improve accountability through initiative post games.

Real Time What-If Scenario Planning

Organizations are often making decisions in functional silos without understanding impact on resource constraints or financial trade offs. For example, a price promotion initiative is launched to increase sales without fully understanding whether supply chain can support the demand, or the impact on margin.

mPower provides powerful, yet simple what-if scenario planning capabilities, helping analysts evaluate cross-functional resource constraints and financial trade-offs in real time.

System Driven Meetings

Most management meetings tend to be death by PowerPoint, offering large amounts of status updates versus real meaningful insights.

mPower helps meetings be conducted on the system, with live reports that support standard agenda items, and natural language based reports when unexpected questions arise . All decisions, action items, and approvals are recorded in the system, ensuring better execution and follow through.

Continuous Learning

Use Post-games and gamification principles to drive accountability & continuous improvement

Post-game Analysis

Post-game video analysis is how world class sports teams create a culture of continuous improvement. Yet, in enterprises, when performance misses plan, blames games are common. The real root cause is hidden, accountability is poor, and an opportunity to learn and improve is lost.

mPower’s powerful post-game analysis capabilities help analyze how people and processes performed, so that accountability is clear, and learnings lead to process improvement actions.


Process and system adoption issues are a huge barrier to driving change and value in large organizations.

mPower employs smart gamification features that helps connect individual actions and performance to organizational goals, publishes leaderboards that create a healthy competition among peers, and drives a culture of continuous improvement.

High Adoption

Designed for adoption and change

Change is hard, but organizational change is even harder. This is partly due to the fact that as individual’s, we tend to resist change. However, change is necessary to improve. If we look around, we find examples of amazing change being driven by technology – Google, iPhone, Facebook, FitBit.

mPower delivers enterprise grade solutions that are not only simple to use, but also flexible so that they are easy to change as the business changes. By using gamification concepts, the solutions engage, empower and connect individuals, teams and processes to the organization’s goals, ensuring adoption is high, and change is easier.