Initiative Management

Looking to create a system of record for sales, marketing and promotion initiative plans?

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All your go-to-market initiatives being managed on spreadsheets and PowerPoint? Is ROI being reduced because of poor co-ordination? Is execution suffering because the initiatives did not understand resource constraints? Or do you find it difficult to measure outcomes and drive accountability? o9’s AI platform moves your new product, marketing and promotion initiative management processes to a digital platform, helping optimize revenue and margin performance

Use cases / capabilities favored by our clients

Multiple Initiative Types – Easy to set up templates
Idea Collaboration
Place Holder Initiatives
Cross-Functional Initiative Business Case Creation
Assumptions Tracking & Collaboration
Co-ordinated Initiatives
Keeping Initiative Business Cases Live & Current
Resource & Budget Constraints Analysis
Initiative Approval Processes
Initiative Communication & Collaboration
Initiative Post Game Analysis – Accountability & Learnings

Engage . Learn . Act

Depending on where you are in your transformation journey, we have a program to help. Check them out, contact us, you will likely find the time spent valuable.


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