Connected Excel

Planners, and Analysts love Excel. They can use o9 excel which ensures their work is connected to the system, and the process – In other words connected Excel.


Synchronized Data

  • Connect to underlying data model to perform detailed planning tasks in Excel
  • Publish and maintain data centrally
  • Real-time synchronization of data between all devices – UI, mobile, and excel

Fully Customizable

  • Add your own formulas and calculations
  • Perform ad-hoc reporting using excel widgets connected to the same underlying data

Integrated Email

Important information need not be trapped in email. mPower takes unstructured data from email and with natural language processing, identifies key tags and propagates to relevant stakeholders

Email Collaboration

  • mPower can send and receive email from any email system
  • Collaborate with relevant planning users through email by copying the mPower secure mailbox

Auto Tagging Content

  • mPower will automatically tag email based on the content
  • Content will be available for review in the appropriate business context and shared with the desired user community

Smart Notifications

  • Receive notifications in your inbox based on responses to your posts or news based on your subscription

Natural Language Reports

Ask mPower a question, the search engine for the enterprise


Meta-Data Based Search

  • Any measure name and member name for dimensions can be used
  • Auto-suggestion for search text is supported

Display Widgets

  • Various chart and graph components are supported
  • For key business objects, the summarized view with relevant information (member info, performance, pulse) is provided

Built-In Sorting & Filtering

  • Frequently used sorting and filtering command is supported (e.g. – top 5, bottom 5)

Smart Collaboration

Organizational Insight gathered in real time around risks, opportunities, forecasts, plans, assumptions, proposals


Risk & Opportunity Pulse

  • Promotion of discussions to qualified risks & opportunities

Smart Tagging

  • Integration to enterprise model, providing context to the discussions

Smart Propagation

  • Intelligence on who should be notified based on underlying enterprise model

Assumption Tracking

  • Discussions around assumptions driving forecasts

Contextual Task Management

Improve execution and process compliance through integrated task management


Lifecycle Management

  • Task Status tracking
  • Attach files
  • Define priorities and due dates
  • Monitor actual vs planned completion

Email Integration

  • Receive alerts in your inbox for assigned tasks or task status updates
  • View your and your teams tasks
  • Collaborate on task assignments

mPower Mobile

mPower is available on multiple devices and in various form factors


Smart Phone Enabled

  • Information when you need it, specifically tailored to the smartphone form factor
  • Navigation simplified to easily access desired workflows or information

Alert Notifications

  • Dashboard and scorecard-style alerts and notifications with quick navigation to appropriate workflows

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